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Tradition & Novelty

Cascina Alberta is owned and managed by two brothers - Francesco and Luca. The winery overlooks landscapes of vineyards outside the town of Treiso in the Langhe region where the famous Barbaresco wines are produced.  Acquired in 2010, the two brothers have renovated the winery into a real splendor, and devoted time and efforts on the vineyards to produce exceptional wines. In addition to the wine cellar, the vineyards, and the wine production, the winery has seven amazing and stylish guest rooms with absolutely superb views over the vineyards for you to indulge in peace while sipping a nice glass of their local production.


Since the beginning, Francesco and Luca’s vision for Cascina Alberta has been to establish a vineyard based on sustainable and organic principles, and a deep respect for nature and the traditions in Piedmont. This passion and dedication is felt immediately when you arrive at the winery. By tasting their wines, you sense the richness and elegance that make the wines very special and fit perfectly with the ambiance and beautiful surroundings of the winery.


”Our vision is to create an 'integrated vineyard' - a place where you can spend a few relaxing days with good food and good wine, in the spirit of the traditions of Piedmont.” (Francesco Guermani) 


Cascina Alberta produces around 40,000 bottles of wine per year. The grapes are grown on the vineyards surrounding the winery  - Nebbiolo and Barbera make up most of the production and are used for red wine and rosé. However, since 2018, Riesling has also found its place in the vineyards and the first Riesling white wine will be released in January 2019. As a testimony to the two brothers’ dedication and passion for wine and winemaking, their awarded Barbaresco Giacone comprises only one of their exceptional variety of wines composed of: Barbera d'Alba, Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Rosé - and now also Riesling.  

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Organic production

Since the beginning, Cascina Alberta has focused on ecology - both for the sake of their customers and for the environment. This implies, among other things, that the vineyards and the grapes are grown without pesticides and herbicides, and the use only natural yeast for the fermentation process in wine production, and sulphites are only supplied in very limited amounts. Organic wine growing requires more manual work than non-organic and therefore production costs are also higher.


 In 2016, the brothers received the official certificate of organic production from Valori Italia published here herein. This process takes 3 years - and from 2019 all bottles from 2016 onwards will be able to apply to the official organic certificate.

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