Three generations of winemakers

The RiDaRoca winery was established in 1994 when the couple Luigi and Maia Teresa decided to transform the grandfather's farm from production of grapes, fruit and other vegetables to sole cultivation of grapes for own wine production. Today the winery is run in collaboration with the children Andrea and Elisa - and produces about 15 different wines from the surrounding vineyards.


From the first moment you enter the wine cellar of RiDaRoca, a world of experiences opens up - both in terms of the amazing wines the house produces and the hospitality you experience. A tasting at RiDaRoca is an experience for all senses; unlike many wineries, the wines are typically accompanied by local specialties in form of sausages, cheese and ham - so you can experience how the wines change character depending on what they are served with.


Since 2015, the family has converted the entire production into organic cultivation. Thus no chemicals are used in the vineyards and fermentation takes place with natural yeast. There are three main reasons why the family believes in organic production: health safety for the consumer, and for the family and their employees working in the vineyards, and finally in respect for nature, the environment and the fields from which they live.


”Unlike a fashion designer or a car manufacturer, a 'wine maker' is 100% dependent of Mother Nature. Given that she always has the last word, the first thing one shall learn in our profession of winemakers is humility.”    (Andrea Rabino)

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Roero - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Roero region is located in southern Piedmont, east of the Tanaro River which separates the area from the Langhe region. Throughout generations, the area has been used for fruit and wine production and is also a favourite tourist destination today partly because of the proud traditions of wine and gastronomy and partly because of the beautiful landscape and the many old villages and castles. Together with Langhe and Monferrato, Roero was named in 2014 as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


RidaRoca is located between the wine towns of Asti and Alba, both of which have proud wine traditions. The farm has about 10 hectares and produces red, white, and rosé wines.