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Tradition and Innovation

We love this oxymoron as it describes Filodivino perfectly. Tradition: first and foremost, this is the knowledge passed down over the centuries by the winemakers, the local Marche people, who have always made wine and have learned from their own successes and failures, improving from one generation to the next. Innovation: taking what science has discovered over the years and using it to produce clean, meticulous, healthy, and exciting wine. Different each year, but always delicious. 

At Filodivino, the vineyards are right outside the doorstep - and when you visit the winery and the farmhouse next to it you are stunned by the beautiful landscape with vines, sunflowers, and green hills. You immediately feel the harmony and the piece of the beautiful Le Marche region, until now a well-hidden gem for travellers - and because of this 100% authentic.

Completely underground and built only with natural materials, the brand new winery is  environmentally friendly and an architectural uniqueness which you will only experience here at Filodivino. Next to the winery, the so-called farmhouse with eight amazing rooms looking out to the green landscape and an underground spa for the cold autumn and winter months is carefully designed to give you some quality time in silence, reading, relaxing, savouring a glass of wine, or letting the body rest thans to an essential oil massage. As Le Marche region, Filodivino itself is a hidden gem which we can only recommend to go and discover next time you plan a trip to Italy.

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Organic production

Filodivino is a certified organic farm that re-establishes the ecosystem and the environment. Because they truly believe in the unique beauty of nature, and the best way to show respect for the environment and to protect the ecosystem, is by doing - not by saying. All wines at Filodivino are organically produced beginning - and with the 2018 vintage all wines will be certified organic.