Uniqueness of a Terroir in Provence 

An enchanting parenthesis where time stands still and  all the senses marvel the present, such is the mysterious and magical atmosphere that reserve the Château of Sannes.  Located in the heart of the Luberon, the Château de Sannes offers history, experience, and true delight.  Built in the 17th century, during the Renaissance period, the Château de Sannes captivates us with its sculpted architecture in the ocher stone of Aix en Provence, its French garden, its romantic ponds, and  its charming lake and mill that welcome you as soon as the gate is crossed. 


The uniqueness and elegance of its terroir, at the confluence of Provence and the  Rhône Valley allow organic farming vines and olive trees, but also varieties of ancient wheat.

"We believe that the diversity of crops and agriculture respectful are the only means of preserving biodiversity, abundant in the domain. My Philosophy is OBW: Organic, Biodiversity, and Well-being. Organic farming is the only way forward. We must preserve our planet and its inhabitants, it biodiversity and our people(M. Pierre Gattaz, Owner of Château de Sannes ) 


The domaine has 70 hectares out of which 35  hectares are dedicated to the vines which are rooted at more than 300 m altitude in stony scree soils favouring drainage and retaining heat. The vineyard is subject to strong thermal amplitudes , producing fresh and aromatic whites and rosés and reds round and charming. Oriented due south, it also benefits from the Mistral wind, which ensures the good sanitary condition of crops. Varieties that flourish and produce exceptional wines with the flagship grape of the Rhône Valley, Syrah, generously planted on the vineyard, reveals its aromatic power. Vermentino and Ugni Blanc  grapes flourish on the lands of Sannes and generate a delicate, gourmet and mineral white wine. Grenache Blanc and Noir, complete the grape variety to develop the aromatic complexity of Château de Sannes wines.


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Organic production

The project that drives the Gattaz family is to preserve and enhance this extraordinary biodiversity to give the vine all it has to offer us the greatest wines.

The starting point was the conversion to organic farming started in 2017. Thus, the 2020 vintage of Château de Sannes is certified organic just like the property's olive oil. This approach, which will continue with biodynamic initiatives and agricultural environment to improve the area's terroirs while respecting and promoting biodiversity.