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Balance and Quality

Three generations linked by a single passion - the love for their land - is the foundation that has given birth to the winery “Angeli di Varano”. Their philosophy is clear and simple: 
balance of vineyards, minimum production, and highest quality.

It is from the story of the Family Chiucconi that comes the challenge of the two brothers Lorenzo and Matteo, determined to produce the best grapes in accordance with the traditions and to obtain the absolute excellence of Rosso Conero wine, thus giving this beautiful wine the prestige it deserves.


The brothers Chiucconi have chosen the best clones and the best exposures of a 'cru' of the Conero to implant the most important wine-grape of this area, the prestigious MONTEPULCIANO. It is in the quiet and generous countryside of the Marche, caressed by the sea breeze and surrounded by the Monti Sibillini that their vineyard grows.


The perfect ripening of the grapes due to the night sea breeze, the excellent exposure of the vineyards, the selection of grapes on the field combined with hand picking, and the proximity of the vineyards to the winery allow them to interpret the needs of the natural transformation of the fruit at its best and to excel in quality. The result of all this is a healthy and completely undamaged product.

The 'cru' Angeli di Varano is a typical area of ​​production of the Rosso Conero and of the grape variety Montepulciano, which is characterized by medium-textured soils with limestone layers that give structured, full bodied and highly tannic wines.

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Enolog for Filodivino

Apart from the wine production of the family, Matteo Chiucconi (to the left) also is the enology behind the wines from Filodivino. You can tell that it is the same 'signature' behind the wines - even if the grapes and the wines are very different. The passion and dedication for the wine is what connects the two wineries - and the quality of the products.