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Barolo at its best

The Burzi winery is owned and managed by Alberto Burzi, After graduating as an oenologist, he took over his grandparents' vineyards in La Morra, in the heart of Barolo. The family has grown wine for several generations and the oldest vineyards have been planted more than 70 years ago, but it is only in their own name since 2012 - and despite his young age, Alberto Burzi's wines have already received several international awards.. 


In the vineyards around the family winery, both barbera and nebbiolo grapes are grown - and the range of wines includes Barbera d'Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo Classico and a sublime single vineyard Barolo 'Capalot', which is only produced the years of exceptional vintage. The wines are intense and elegant at the same time, not dominated by tannins, which can be typical of many Barolo wines, but in the area around La Morra the wines are elegant, round in flavor and can be easily aged for more than 20 years.


When meeting Alberto and his sister Caterina, who manages the sale and marketing of the wines, the welcome is as intense and elegant as the wines they represent, and the passion for the earth, the fields, the traditions and the precious grapes are as great as the hospitality they exhibit.


”I like to think that every wine has a story to tell. Creating a great wine for me is the result of numerous little attentions in the utmost respect of nature, in the care of the vineyard and in the cellar management. When I drink a glass of Barolo, I would like it to taste as Barolo, Langhe, La Morra.”  (Alberto Burzi)


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Decanter Wine Awards

Alberto Burzi is a young winemaker, educated as a ønologist in 2010 at the University of Turin, the capital of Piedmont.


Inspired by the vintage traditions of his grandparents in La Morra, one of the only 11 cities that can produce the famous Barolo wine, in 2012 he started to produce his own wine on the 7 hectares of vineyards that the family own in the area - and he quickly noticed his wines.


Barolo Capalot 'Vecchie Viti' 2013 has won a silver medal (92 points) from Decanter world wine awards and a bronze medal (88 points) for the Barolo classico 2014.

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